Plant Mom Sweat Shirt - Plant Mon Exclusives



Cozy up with our 'Plant Mom' Sweatshirt, a signature piece from the Uppercentile x The Plant Mon collection, celebrating the fusion of plant love and fashion.

This collaboration is inspired by The Plant Mon’s feature in the Los Angeles Times, highlighting their innovative approach to plant delivery and passion for green living.


  • Green Thumb Fashion: Emblazoned with a chic 'Plant Mom' motif, this sweatshirt is a nod to those who cultivate beauty and growth.
  • Luxe Comfort: Crafted from a premium cotton blend for softness and warmth, perfect for cool days in the garden or a relaxing read indoors.
  • Casual Versatility: Whether tending to your ferns or running errands, this sweatshirt moves with you.
  • Comprehensive Sizing: Tailored for every plant enthusiast, available in XS through XL—consult our sizing chart to find your ideal fit.

Why Choose Our 'Plant Mom' Sweatshirt?

Through our partnership with The Plant Mon, Uppercentile is proud to offer apparel that resonates with the plant community’s values of sustainability and mindfulness. Together, we're sowing the seeds of a lifestyle brand that encapsulates the joy of plant care. Don this sweatshirt as a cozy emblem of your green journey, infused with the spirit of The Plant Mon’s dedication to bringing nature closer to people everywhere.

The Uppercentile x The Plant Mon Collection

Our partnership between Uppercentile and The Plant Mon is rooted in the understanding that clinicians, who are constantly at the forefront of providing care, need avenues for wellness and relaxation now more than ever. Recognizing the therapeutic power of houseplants, we have come together to curate a selection that perfectly complements the lives of those who heal others.

Houseplants are more than just decorative elements; they are companions that grow with you, contributing to an atmosphere of healing and peace. As perfect holiday gifts, they symbolize the nurturing care that clinicians provide, bringing a sense of togetherness and well-being to any space. This collaboration is dedicated to offering a piece of serenity that can be shared and cherished, making every home a sanctuary of healing. Through this unique collection, Uppercentile and The Plant Mon aim to honor the tireless contributions of healthcare professionals by bringing the calming essence of nature into their lives.