It may seem early, but as seasoned clinicians know, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, beginning around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, is just around the corner. Uppercentile Shop's newly unveiled Holiday Survival Kit is here to provide a haven amidst the chaos.

1: Time Management

The CLORK (Clock)

Imagine it's a chilly morning, you have a tight schedule with back-to-back appointments. With the stylish CLORK, keep track of your appointments and manage your time efficiently, a necessity for busy clinicians during the holiday rush.

2: Inspired Living

"Do More of What Makes You Happy" - Serving Tray

Amidst a hectic day, a patient thanks you with a warm smile, reminding you of the joy your profession brings. The serving tray with the quote "Do More of What Makes You Happy" is not just a utilitarian product but a gentle reminder to balance work with joy, epitomizing the spirit of a fulfilling holiday season amidst a demanding schedule.

3: Gift Wrapping

Alpaca Kraft Wrapping Paper

It's the season of giving. After a long day at the clinic, you return home to wrap gifts for your loved ones. The whimsical Alpaca Kraft Wrapping Paper adds a touch of charm to your gifts, making gift wrapping a delightful activity rather than a chore​.

Wellness and Relaxation

I Just Needed Something To Burn - 9oz. Candle

After a demanding day of seeing patients, unwind with the "I Just Needed Something To Burn" candle. The citrus and jasmine scent notes transport you to a place of pure relaxation and tranquility, reminding you to find peace even in the chaos​.

Sandalwood Serenity Candle

Alternatively, the Sandalwood Serenity Candle emanates a soothing, earthy fragrance, reminiscent of a leisurely afternoon walk through the Pacific Woods, perfect for healthcare professionals seeking a mindful pause or a tranquil end to a busy day​.

On-The-Go Energizer - Dark Chocolate Espresso Box

For those long shifts or on-call nights, the On-The-Go Energizer is your go-to. This dark chocolate and espresso blend not only satisfies your taste buds but keeps your energy levels high, ensuring you remain alert and ready to tackle whatever the healthcare profession throws your way​.

Bundle Recommendations

The Ultimate Holiday Bundle

For those looking to fully embrace the holiday spirit, consider bundling the Holiday Survival Kit with other complementary items from Uppercentile Shop. Explore curated bundles that combine the practicality of the survival kit with additional items that add a festive flair to your holiday preparations.


Don't let the holiday rush catch you off guard. Prepare early with the Holiday Survival Kit from Uppercentile Shop. Visit Uppercentile Shop to explore the Holiday Survival Kit and other curated bundles to make this holiday season a memorable and stress-free one.

November 03, 2023 — Uppercentile Support

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